Friday, April 27, 2012


Greetings Everyone!

 I'm Nora, from Hannah's and Mia's Little Secrets.  I am here to show you how to throw an event at minimal cost.  From baby showers, birthdays, Sweet 16/15, anniversaries and weddings, to setting your table for a dinner party or small gatherings, we will show you how to personalize your event.

Party favors, party pins, cupcakes, cake pops, chocolate lollipops for all occasions and arts & crafts with the kids are our specialty.  You can order directly from us by leaving a comment here or on our Facebook page.

I know that in this tough economy it's not always possible to afford a party planner.  Visit this blog regularly to find some inexpensive ways to make a festive event on your own.   I will also show you where to go to get the most for your money, whether its online or a particular store.

I would love to hear your ideas or what event you're planning next.  

Thank you......


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